Medical Education Group

(Waseda Kyotokagaku Elbow-No. )
1. Introduction

WKE-1(Waseda Kyotokagaku Elbow No.1) developed in 2011-2012 have following problems.
1) Thicker than the arm of adult women.
2) Maximum force in the elbow is insufficient.
3) Range of the elbow joint is insufficient.
4) Strength is insufficient because of the use of a wire drive system.
Then, the norm of the design was improved, WKE-2 for nerve medical examination training and involuntary movement in elbow was developed.

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2. Mechanism

 WKE-2 is showed in Fig.1. WKE-2 was developed considering the arm of an adult female as a norm. The mechanism which connected the active mechanism and the passive mechanism in series is adopted. Moreover, for control and measurement, WKE-2 has two encoder, two sensors for reflex responses.

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3. Movement

The movements of WKE-2 are below.

Minimum resistance

Maximum torque

Reflex(Healthy person)

Spasticity(Healthy person)

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