Medical Education Group

(Waseda Kyotokagaku Head-No.2)

1. Introduction

WKH-1 developed in 2011-2012 simulated eye movements by motor. Its problem was the sounds of motor. WKH-2 solved the problem and simulated realistic eyeball movement for examination on eyes. Eyeball movements are displayed on a LCD. A lens is mounted on the LCD to improve reality.

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2.System overview

There is a method for cranial nerves examination, which a patient tracks on a doctor's finger with eyes. Doctor identifies diseases by the method.WKH-2 is able to study it. Six muscles for eye movements and nerves governing them were simulated. Eye movements of healthy person and patient were simulated. The design was considered to use it for medical education. Many people can see its eye from various directions.

Fig1.System overview

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The movements of WKH-2 are below.

Healthy person


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